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Jiordana, Founder of The Mind-Full Clinic


I'm so happy you made it here. I’m Jiordana Saade, holistic nutritionist, hypnotherapist, and founder of The Mind-Full Clinc. 

How it all started...

I am a holistic nutritionist with a background in Psychology, and a special interest in the connection between what we eat and how we feel.


I became interested psychology because I grew up with childhood obesity and struggled with body image issues, multiple eating disorders and bouts of depression.


As I became more interested in my body, I began to understand how changing my diet had a profound influence on my overall mood, and my mental health disorders simply vanished. It was here that I questioned the  gut/brain connection and decided to enrol at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where I graduated as Valedictorian with first class honors. 


Upon graduation I was hired to work as the nutritionist at an obesity medicine clinic in Oakville, where I had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Mohammed Abrahim. We recently wrote a book together on overcoming obesity that can be purchased on Amazon. 

While working in the clinic it became apparent to me that there is a large population of people that you cannot help with diet alone. Most people know an apple is healthier than a chocolate bar, but some still choose the chocolate bar anyways. 

For some individuals, behaviour does not line up with their goals, which leaves them feeling guilty, lowers self-esteem and further perpetuates poor decision making! 


I wanted to dig deeper and understand the interconnections between our intentions and our behavior. This is why I went back to school to complete a degree in Behavioural Psychology and eventually obtain my PhD. 

Overall, my practice is inspired by the connection between brain—behavior activity, and how we can begin to overcome maladaptive habits, specifically surrounding food behaviors. 


I truly believe that by overcoming behaviors of self-sabotage, we can develop a healthy relationship with ourselves and with the number one thing keeping us alive…. FOOD! 

Jiordana Saade

Curious about what I offer? 

Check out my services page for a comprehensive list. 

Jiordana, Holistic Nutritionalist

Expertise and certifications

Holistic Nutritionist (CNP)
Certified Nutritional Practitioner


Behavioural Psychology ​


​Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.)

On the board of OC-GTA 

(Obesity canada- GTA)

Certification in Eating Disorder Recovery 

(Cognitive Approaches, Elmira Strange, MPhil, Psy)



(Reversible Journal, Obesity Medicine)

Public Speaking
(First place champion 4 -years consecutive for Halton and Peel)


Bach Flower Level 1 Certification


(Institute of Holistic Nutrition)


Student Rep
(Behavioural Psychology)


Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) certified


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