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A Holistic Approach to Health.

I help clients make the connection between what we eat and how we feel. All symptoms in the body are warning signs that something is off balance. Instead of treating the symptoms, I help uncover the root cause of disease and rebalance the body, so the symptoms are no longer necessary.

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- Energy and fatigue

- Combat negative effects from stress

- Strengthen Immune system

- Reduce stubborn weight 

- Resolve digestive issues like bloating, gas, acid reflux and bowel disorders.

- Decrease inflammation

- Increase Libido

- Improve mood and motivation

- Adopt a healthy lifestyle

- Body image and self confidence

- Address food intolerance and allergies


- Disordered Eating

- Emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating

- Mental Illness and Mood disorders

- Addictions and addictive behaviours

- Obestiy

- High Blood Pressure

- High Cholesterol

- Hormonal disorders

- Gout

- Arthritis

- Chronic Pain 

- Diabetes

- Fibromyalgia

- Stealth infections

- Parasites and Candida

Holistic Nutritionist, Jiordana

Meet Jiordana

Hi! I’m Jiordana and I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist currently completing a degree in behavioural Psychology. My practice is all about understanding the connection between mental health and nutrition. To heal the body you must first heal the mind


As someone who was morbidly obese in my youth and struggled with mental health and eating disorders, and addictions, I truly believe that holistic nutrition and psychology go hand in hand for recovery. I was able to overcome my own personal setbacks through the interventions of my program, and now I want to help YOU take charge of your health and heal your body and your relationship with food, for good!

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Jiordana has changed my life Every day I wake up and am immediately grateful for Jiordana and all the ways that she has helped improve my life. I initially came to Jiordana for skin issues (acne + constant skin irritations on my chin) and quickly uncovered a whole multitude of other related health issues that I had been ignoring for SO long - digestive issues, reflux that I somehow thought was normal and so much more. Turns out that at the root of it all was a parasitic infection in my liver and WOW going through the parasite protocol with Jiordana has been life changing for me. While it’s definitely a difficult process, this healing journey has changed so much for me and for that I’m forever grateful. Jiordana has been there with me through it all - celebrating the wins and supporting me through the tough days. It’s incredible to see how getting to the root cause of my health issues is improving all other aspects of my life, both physically and mentally I’m currently coming out of this healing journey with Jiordana a healthier + better version of myself and I just can’t recommend working with Jiordana more. It’s life-changing in all the best ways. My skin is essentially fully healed since starting to work with Jiordana & my reflux is almost fully gone so if I wasn’t a believer of holistic healing before, I sure am now. So happy that I chose to go the holistic route rather than taking my prescribed medication that would have amplified my health issues in the long term. I seriously LOVE parasite cleansing + this healing journey because it makes me feel AMAZING.



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