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What's The Deal With Protein Products?

In case you didn't already know, I am of the mindset that healthy food is whole.

Protein food products (shakes and bars) are processed, and therefore are not completely healthy.

With that being said, I do also see the value in supporting sports nutrition and needing something convenient and tasty to get those gains!

Some protein shakes and bars are far better than others on the market.


The main protein shake/ bar you want to avoid is a whey based protein supplement (that includes

Iso-whey, grass fed, Australian etc).

Whey is the protein that naturally occurs in dairy products. If you are unfamiliar with why dairy is problematic for EVERYONE’S health, please see my post on dairy "A Dairy Bad Choice".

When we isolate the protein of the dairy, we leave the enzymes behind in the fat content. These enzymes are how the body digests and absorbs dairy products. Without them it is very hard on the digestive system and over time can create lactose intolerance symptoms or gut inflammation.


- Plant based protein: A good option for you if you are looking for something to supplement your workouts or lifestyle. The main issue with plant based protein powders are they are often high in

common allergens; Pea, corn, brown rice etc). Additionally they have a reputation for being "chalky" and having an aversive taste.

- Egg White protein: Another good high protein option, however again in my practice I see egg whites as a top allergen.

- Beef Protein: This is arguably the least reactive protein and can be an excellent source of vitamin B12.

- Chlorophyll Protein: This is the gold standard in my opinion. Extremely nutrient dense, very high in B-vitamins, has anti-microbial benefits (kills candida, and bad bacteria), cleanses blood, repairs tissue, supports healthy hair skin and nails, and is a light detox! The cons include; causing digestive distress (for some people) and the taste is quite vegetal.


1. Do your research! Most companies put their information right on their website. Ask around for recommendations, and you can always contact me!

2. Read the ingredients: You will want to read the ingredients and look out for any chemicals that you can not pronounce, fillers, preservatives and hidden sugars; - Natural flavours - Citric Acid - Sucralose - Fructose - Maltodextrin - Aspartame - Vegetable oils - Soy Protein - Carrageenan - Casein … to name a few!

3. ASK FOR SAMPLES! Proteins powders are a BIG investment, and most supplement companies do not return based on adverse taste! From my experience, protein powder companies are often very open to sending samples. Who does not love a freebie!?

4. Go with your GUT Pay attention to how your tummy feels after consuming protein supplements. The high protein content can be hard on the kidneys and digestive system and you should know within the first 20 minutes if it is something that you body agrees with or not.


Protein bars Mid-day squares

Egg protein bars

Protein shakes Chlorella Protein Schinoussa

ATP Labs Beef Protein Supreme

As always HMU with questions

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