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The Anti-Diet, Weight-Loss New Years Resolution

Why you should NOT make resolutions surrounding weight loss... and how they can actually help you to lose weight!

The dieting industry is a multi billion dollar industry that has been around for the past century. Ironically obesity rates are INCREASING instead of DECREASING. This is living proof that diets do not work!

"Serial dieting disorder" is so common that we don’t even recognize it anymore. Almost everyone is trying to lose weight, and bouncing in between dieting fads with extreme measures.

Serial dieting is not just jumping from one diet to the next, it begins to become a big part of who you are! It takes an immense amount of time planning for impossible-to-maintain diet and exercise plans, that it begins to consume your thoughts and free time.

When you fall off the diet (which you inevitably will) you may start to experience feelings of inadequacy and low self- esteem. Do not fall into the trap of identifying yourself by the size you wear, or let the number on the scale determine your self- worth.

The cycle of overeating and dieting is so consuming that it can prevent you from enjoying precious moments, and distract you from what is really important; enjoying time with your family, going out with your friends, traveling, learning new things, and engaging in hobbies.

Shifting your attention to the other parts of yourself and your life weakens the dieting mindset and allows you to spend more time doing the things you actually enjoy!

When we learn to weaken the dieting mindset, and shift our focus to enjoying life, food loses its power and it is far easier for your weight to begin to balance itself naturally on its own.

You will become more in tune with your true hunger signals, and the constant cravings or intrusive thoughts of sugary treats will begin to leave your thought patterns.

Most importantly, the habit of confusing food for happiness will begin to die, as you start to experience more TRUE happiness!

This year, try making resolutions that will enhance your life, instead of another year with an impossible to reach weight loss goal.

.. spoiler alert!! If done properly, you will still lose weight!

Here are a list of non-diet related New Years Resolutions that you can make:

  • Walk in the morning or after dinner

  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing

  • Take up meditation

  • Start Meal Prepping

  • Read a new book

  • Draw, colour or paint

  • Do a fun physical activity

  • Have a daily dance party

  • Take up Yoga or Pilates

  • Start movie night

  • Be more intimate with your partner

  • Restart a hobby you enjoyed as a child

  • Join a sports league

  • Take up healthy baking or cooking


  • Start journaling

  • Practice positive affirmations

  • Skype far away friends

  • Take an online course

Happy New year, and as always...Keep evolving


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