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A "Dairy" Bad Choice

Most of us know that conventional dairy has been the culprit of many unhappy tummy's, but you might not be aware that dairy is also behind certain neurological disorders! 

Why Dairy is Scary

First and foremost; just as we produce breast milk for our children, cows milk is literally designed to turn a baby calf into a 400 pound cow. It is not designed for humans nor is it in the proper ratios for optimal absorption.


You do not see a baby cat drinking the milk of a momma pig, it is just not natural.

Thirdly, just like humans cows are only supposed to breast feed after giving birth.

In order to continue producing milk (for the better part of their lives) they are given hormones.

All hormones are fat soluble, and all dairy products are high in fat! Which means that when we consume dairy products, we also consume the synthetic hormones that come along with it! This is one of the reasons behind young boys with breasts, and alarmingly early periods for young girls.

IF that is not convincing enough, when humans began drinking dairy we were going through a famine. People were dying from lack of nutrition. Now (in the western world) people are dying from obesity. We simply do not need to consume these harmful products, and dairy is IN EVERYTHING!

When we are born we produce the enzyme 'Lactase' to help us break down lactose. As we get older we lose that enzyme because biologically we are supposed to stop breast feeding! 

This occurs around the age of 7, and is often when dairy intolerance symptoms begin to arise.

A Dairy Bad MOOd

Dairy also has a huge impact on mental health.

A lot of people who suffer from mental health problems are allergic or sensitive to two main components of milk-- Lactose and Casein. 

Casein is the milk protein, and Lactose is the milk sugar. (Therefore, it is not enough to switch to 'lactose free' milk)

Like gluten, both lactose and Casein can contribute to inflammation in the body and brain--- and be a protagonist for mental health illnesses. 

Dr. Daniel Kalish states that his research displays people with neuropsychiatric diseases – including schizophreniabipolar disorderdepressionanxiety, and autism – often have significantly elevated immune reactions to casein in milk, which corresponds with the severity of their mental symptoms. And their symptoms can be “improved substantially or even been cured completely” on a dairy-free diet (Kalish, M.D.)

Furthermore, researchers have also discovered that high levels of lactose in the intestines can interfere with tryptophan metabolism and serotonin levels.

When Serotonin levels decrease se we start to see symptoms such as depression, insomnia/sleep disturbancesanxietyirritability, and even aggressive behaviour and disorientation.

Dr. Daniel Kalish and his team from the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine concluded that lactose malabsorption may play a role in the development of depression (84). 

The impact dairy has on mental health is exponential... BUT if you are not udder-ly convinced to ditch milk yet... 

Conventional dairy is also responsible for hormone related acne, disrupted menstrual cycles, and can seriously promote weight gain (especially in the tummy and upper thigh areas)

Making the MOOve (Away From Dairy)

Switching over to non-dairy products can seem like a HUGE commitment. So where do you start?  

1. Replace your coffee milk with unsweetened AlmondCoconutHemp, Rice, or Oat milk.

These milks are also great for baking! 

When purchasing alternative milks I look for carrageenan free, unsweetened and not fortified options. 

2.  Stay away from soy products to avoid more issues with hormone imbalance. 

3. Use nutritional yeast to make mac and cheese, sprinkle on your popcorn, and add a cheesy flavour to just about anything!

Recipe: Mac and 'Cheese'

If you think that you might have a dairy intolerance my suggestion is to remove it from your diet for 3 weeks minimum. After 3 weeks add it back in (and quite a bit of it) for one meal. 

Be sure to look out for these symptoms for the next 3-5 days; 

- Itchy skin or blotchy skin

- Eczema 

- Rosy Cheeks

- Increased Acne

- Headaches

- Brain fog

- Gas and bloating 

- Bowel disturbances (diarrhea or constipation)

- Decreased energy

- Heart palpitations

- Anxiety

- Depressed state 

Be sure to keep me updated on your Legen-dairy transformation!

A message from your Dairy Godmother 

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